TigerZero's Photo Gallery

      Welcome to my photo gallery.  Photography has been a hobby of my since 1974.  Some of my best works are on display here.  Most of the photos were taken in or near the state of Virginia.  My  35mm film camera is a Nikon 8008s.  The Nikon D70s and E990 are my digital cameras.  Most of the time I have the digital camera in the car ready for that one time photo opportunity.  I finaly have gone to full digital photography. I feel the prosumer SLR type cameras have fianaly reached Kodacrome quality. They still fall a little short on the contrast range of negative fillms but a few of the latest camersa, such as the Fuji SLR models, have a new structure to the CCD device that has made it very close to the wide contrast range of negative film types. 

      The gallery has a mix of digital and 35mm film camera images.   All images in the gallery have been resized to 800 pixels in length on the longest side.  Most images will be one half or smaller than the original image.  Compression quality was set to provided a fast page load without loosing too much image quality.  A full resolution sample image, 2489x3071, is available at the following link, Lion-sample. This is a high quality jpeg download, 2.5 Mbytes.  (Note: This is a long download, 7 minutes at best, for 56k dialup modems. ) 

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updated 7/01/2007